From the beautiful surrounds of our Swiflet Garden in Bio Desaru, Malaysia, Glyken puts the natural goodness of birdnest right into your hands.

This is where we’ve established the world’s first biotech birdnest farm, designed and built to the highest standards. The unique and diverse biological life in this idyllic location makes for an excellent environment that provides our swiflets with a rich and natural source of food.

As a result, birdnest harvested from this region contains the highest level of sialic acid, from which we derive the precious extract, Active Glycoprotein Peptide. This key nutrient contains 18 groups of amino acids, all vital and beneficial for body’s processes.

Glyken is the culmination of more than a decade of research and collaborations with institute of higher learning across Singapore and Malaysia. Established in Singapore in 2015, the group has since expanded its operations in 2020 to Greater China Region in Shenzhen, as well as construction of large production facility in Edible Birdnest Centre in Guangxi Province.

Glyken birdnest is distributed by Singapore by Gernise Global Pte Ltd under Wellness department. At Gernise Global, our vision is align with that of Glyken’s, which is to make technology birdnest, along with its health benefits, accessible, affordable, and convenient for all.