From farming, to harvesting, to packaging, stringent quality checks are implemented at every stage to deliver a product that we are proud to share with the world.

We’ve taken every care to make sure that our Swiflet Garden is managed ethically and with the most stringent quality-control. This is why our birdnest contains much less impurities than traditionally harvested birdnest Our birdnest is also harvested in an ethical manner that does not pose any risk to the swiflets.

The harvested birdnest is then cleansed in a cleanroom environment using modern technologies, thus avoiding the health risks that traditional cleaning and bleaching methods might introduce.

Hygiene and food safety are also of the utmost importance. After the birdnest have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected, they will have to go through a drying process. As an added level of precaution, tests are conducted to ensure that no harmful heavy metals or bacteria is present in our birdnest.

Lastly, after rounds of stringent checks, the birdnest will go through the extraction process, using Glyken’s unique patented extraction technology that extracts the best benefits of birdnest, in its ultimate powdered form.


Less risky, fewer impurities

Using modern technology in sterile environment

Test for heavy metal and microbial presence

Patented technology used to extract key nutrient

Achieved hygienically with advanced technology