Ideal for both men and women, this super formulation targets the rejuvenation of stem cells and thereby promotes healthy internal organs, enhances the physique and complexion, boosts mental capability, and reduces side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, such as fatigue.


Each big box contains 4 small boxes of 7 sachets, 28 sachets in total. Each sachet is 5g. Glyken is best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. We advise to consume one sachet a day, however, one may consume more than one according to preference.

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In stock

Reduces the side effects of fatigue due to a less-than-healthy lifestyle

Amino acids enhances physique and metal abilities, which translates to better concentration and productivity

A relaxed mind and body naturally becomes more imaginative

Rejuvenation of stem cells equates to improved skin elasticity, better complexion and delay in aging

A boost in immunity leads to better well-being and a happier state of mind

For every gram of Glyken birdnest, it contains 116mg of sialic acid, as compared to 0.5mg per gram in traditional birdnest. Our extract - Active Glycoprotein Peptide, contains 18 groups of amino acids, all vital and beneficial for body’s processes.

SIALIC ACID CONTENT - Glyken contains 116mg/g vs 0.5mg/g
NUTRIENT ABSORPTION - Faster, more efficient, maximum benefits
NUTRIENT RETENTION - Glyken is a stable product with versatile methods of consumption

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